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Uniquely Yours.

A Digital 3D NFT Based Replica of your Real World Collectibles.

Own the Physical and Digital Versions of your real world Collectibles.
Send us your Collectibles to get it converted into a NFT uniquely owned by you.


The Blockchain has an infinite amount of storage space


You could enjoy your Nfts on multiple market places


Access your collection from anywhere

3D Layout

The Blockchain has an infinite amount of storage space



Share your collections with your friends


Most secure features used for your collectables


At the Epitome of the Block-Chain revolution, the gap between real world and digital world is yet to be bridged; Commodities of the Real world lack their presence in the Digital world. We at V-Grading help People convert their real world valuables to Digital NFTs; securely conserved over our Block Chain powered Network. This NFTs can be sold in the marketplace with or without the originals

Check our collection below

3D Card

3D Comic book

3D Note

3D Coin

Dedicated to your service

The Digital world is merging with the Physical World at speed never imagined before. Don’t be left behind in the transformation. Get you physical world collectable ready for the metaverse.

New leader in collectables

At V-Grading, we aim to be the catalyst in bridging gap between the fast evolving digital
world and the real world by facilitation and implementing a smooth NFT creation process.

Link two worlds

Our next generation – blockchain base conversion and storage process makes your digital
world assets safe and legitimate, much like your real world assets.

UK Company

V-Grading is a UK Born Company being raised by the world. Our services are live in the European countries and will soon be available for the rest of the world.


Our team

Ladislav Liska


Electrical engineer with years of programming experiences in many programming languages, such as C, SQL, Delphi, Pascal,…


Myat Shwe Thit


Bachelor of computer science, experiences as executive assistant of CEO, in bank industry and as a accountant. Marketing strategies and more.


Zdenek Novotny


Software developer specialist with many years of experience in most used programming languages as C, C++, C#, Javascript, Python, Perl,…


Ales Vovk


Master’s degree in multimedia systems, software engineer with many years experiences in C, C++, C#. Heavily focused on Crypto world and all its aspects.


Martin Rubin


Bachelor of Arts, with many years experiences in Games industry as main developer, include Virtual reality and profi in game shooting ballistics.



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